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Instead of paying a waste collection service, households get paid for their recyclables

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Date de soumission 18 septembre 2022 Fondateurs Charlotte Charbit Lieu de développement Denpasar, Bali, Indonésie

Le projet en détails

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Quel est le problème résolu ?

in 2020, 70% of the 6.8 million tons of generated plastic waste in Indonesia was mismanaged, including 60% of the total generated waste not being collected at all. Households represented 41% of waste contributors. Private collection companies offer expensive services that most locals cannot afford.

Comment est-il résolu ?

NoLimbah provides a marketplace to connect households to informal with an app as easy as ride-sharing apps and aims at shedding the light on collectors to give them an appreciation for their hard work while providing a simpler and more incentivized solution to households for their waste collection.

Qui sont les clients potentiels ?

The main target of our innovation is households that are tech savvy and ideally eco-conscious, in villages in Indonesia that are not offered proper waste collection systems.

En quoi cette solution est-elle différente ?

NoLimbah differs from these solutions in two respects: - Bottom-up approach: Our app is very adapted to real-life problems. Most of the current solutions are very disconnected from people's preoccupations and require a huge immediate behavioral change from users, which is a major barrier to entry - Collectors' loyalty: We spend a lot of time building organic relationships with collectors